Thursday, September 06, 2007

prova catalufo

hey hey hola que tal com anem

Saturday, August 26, 2006

getting to Shenzhen

My plane arrived to HongKong from Heathrow at 7:00 am. Recent terrorist threats made my flight connection from Barcelona a nightmare, having to line up for 1 hour for additional security checks (I almost miss my plane). They did not let me take in a wine bottle I brought as a present. Well, they asked if I wanted to drink it there, which I refused.

The flight to HongKong was carried by Qantas. A nice surprise. Maybe the best intercontinental flight I've taken. Excellent service, wonderful multimedia equipment, great food, snacks and drinks. The kind and beautiful hostesses (some of them a mixture of thai - english - indonesian) and the onboard magazines I read made me want to visit Australia someday.

Back about HongKong. I was able to spend some hours sighseeing and eating. HK is a really exciting place. Lots of shops and cheap and good restaurants. It was hard to find how to get from HK to Shenzhen. In the airport I was adviced to take the train to LuoHu station, but I decided to take a ferry (didn't know they existed) to SheKou (Shenzhen port). It took 65 minutes. There are also ferries to Macau, a trip I might do too.

At SheKou, I asked a guy in the ticket office on how to get to the hotel. He advised it was best to take a cab (4 euro), otherwise I had to take 2 buses, starting by bus K204. He advised to ignore the crowd of illegal taxi drivers.